RedFarm Will Be ‘Barn-y,’ Inauthentic


After many months of anticipation, RedFarm will most likely within the next couple of weeks. Ed Schoenfeld gave Grub Street many details about the restaurant, which he’s opening with Joe Ng. And it looks like no one has more bloated expectations than Schoenfeld himself: As he told the blog, “I expect this to be the best Chinese restaurant in the United States.”

Whether or not its Pac-Man dumplings, Greenmarket vegetables, and “barn-y” ambiance justify Schoenfeld’s expectations — he also said that “we’re not at all interested in being authentic, just delicious” — RedFarm is only the tip of a very chunky iceberg. Schoenfeld and Ng are also planning to open a dozen Chinese takeout spots that will operate in concert with a central commissary, as well as a line of RedFarm-branded groceries that will include dumplings, sauces, and rice.

The pair also, of course, opened a RedFarm Stand in FoodParc last October. If the gummy Sichuan wontons and un-pastrami-like pastrami rolls Robert Sietsema tried were any indication, Schoenfeld might do well to temper his grand ambitions.