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The F*cking World According To Molly: My Review


At first glance, Molly Equality Dykeman — the school security guard with a mullet and a dream, who’s the creation of comic Andrea Alton — might not seem like a politically correct LGBT role model.

She’s a bit stereotypical in her butch love of table saws, fried foods, and any vagina that moves.

But beneath her bravado, Molly’s actually a sensitive soul beaming with pride and vulnerability, someone who demands respect and earns it with a series of poems in which she bristles at the world while angling for a girlfriend with some class.

And despite having back problems, foot fungus, and anxiety issues, Molly totally delivers, whether it be a Mother’s Day poem (“You ruined my life, basically”) or a lilting ode to love (“I wanna stick my face in your vagina”).

Alton’s Molly bellows in a barking montone that signals a woman who’s as crusty as fried mozzarella sticks but as delicious as nachos.

The show (at the Fringe Festival, by the way)? A fucking riot!!!

Like all good comedy, it makes you laugh and feel uncomfortable at the same time — a real feat.

Molly for Lez-ident!