The New Wall St. Burgers Truck Uses Grass-Fed Beef, ‘Handpicked’ Produce, ‘Cage-Free’ Chickens…and Kraft Cheese


Just because the streets of Midtown are no longer safe for mobile entrepreneurs doesn’t mean they won’t keep trying. According to Midtown Lunch, a new truck called Wall St. Burgers was spotted on the corner of Park Avenue and 55th Street last Friday. There’s no word yet about the merits of the burgers, but the story behind them sounds awfully familiar.

According to its website, Wall St. Burgers is the city’s “newest and trendiest Food Truck,” and is so named “because the founder gave up his Wall Street career for his first passion of making burgers.”

This fiery passion has found expression in a menu of burgers, curly fries, onion rings, and chicken wings. All of which, of course, have their own story. The burgers are “100% Grass-Fed Black Angus,” the “cage-free” chicken is raised on “family farms,” and the produce is personally selected by a “designated shopper that handpicks the freshest potatoes, tomatoes, onions and etc. every day” from local farmers’ markets, presumably on a vintage bicycle outfitted with a wicker basket and GPS system. The hamburger buns are from “our local bakery.” And the cheese? It’s sourced from Kraft.

Wall St. Burgers is not to be confused with the now-defunct Wall Street Burger Shoppe, which is remembered primarily as the home of the $175 burger. But while Wall St. Burgers’ menu is far more reasonably priced, it’s also got plenty of Wall St. bull to spare.