The Rats of Tompkins Square Park Have a Movie Trailer Now


It is human nature to be both disgusted and, somehow, deeply intrigued by rats. Maybe it’s just August, but this love-hate relationship is again at the forefront of NYC consciousness, as our ratty frenemies seem to be overrunning Tompkins Square Park even more than usual of late. Not content with B- or C-grade celebrity status, the rats now have an M. Night Shyamalan-esque movie trailer.

The twist? This could be a clue: Just last week a tipster informed us, “I trust your readers will find entertaining the nightly spectacle of rats swarming every evening in Tompkins Square Park. Some metaphorical and visual values can be extracted from this impressive natural phenomenon. Residents in the neighborhood expect plague to follow.”

Isn’t that the plot of The Happening? We got in touch with the videographer to find out what this all means. In the meantime, send us your rat stories. We love a good rat story.

[via EVLocal]