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Traces, An Acrobatic Spectacle: My Review


Six guys, a girl, two poles, a piano, a basketball, some furniture, and a hanging mic.

Talk about low-budget.

But the Traces cast works wonders with it at the Union Square Theatre.

Their show is an acrobatic spectacle, but they’re not hanging from high wires and falling onto trampolines.

They’re more often hanging from each other and flying feet first onto the ground. And athletically dancing, spinning each other, and helping each other climb horizontally up poles, defying gravity more than anyone in Wicked.

They catapult through hoops, glide on skateboards, and pause to tell us their best traits (“Humble. Generous. Impatient”).

The show — in which they are apocalypse survivors leaving their traces through creativity — has very little through line, it doesn’t build, and it doesn’t mean anything.

It’s another NYC entertainment that could just as well be in a casino.

But as a demonstration of sheer skill, it’ll most likely have your hands doing a clapping trick.