After 78 Years, the Film Center Café Closes Its Doors in Hells Kitchen


Looks like yet another old-timer has gone to the great beyond: After 78 years, the Film Center Café has closed.

Yesterday, our own Michael Musto walked by the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant and noticed a sign in its window thanking patrons for their support through the years and encouraging them to go to its sister restaurants.

Although the Film Center Café wasn’t any sort of gastronomic paradise, it was a decent enough place for a Cobb salad, bowl of French onion soup, or BLT. And more importantly, it had history behind it that can’t be replaced by whatever Starbucks or Au Bon Pain will probably move in next.

As Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York observes, the restaurant’s block of Ninth Avenue between 44th and 45th streets “has long been a haven of old New York in the shitstorm of the new,” with aged establishments like the Poseidon Bakery and Rudy’s Bar and Grill holding down the fort. Which makes us wonder with some trepidation: What will be next?