Even Senior Citizens Aren’t Safe From Food TV


Once you’ve run out of shameless narcissists and psychologically unstable megalomaniacs to exploit for the purposes of televised entertainment, where do you turn? To the elderly, of course.

According to an ad on Good Food Jobs, the Cooking Channel is currently seeking “Grandparents” for a new show with Mo Rocca titled My Grandmother’s Ravioli. Produced by CBS Eye Productions, which brought us The Next Food Network Star and History Now: SARS and the New Plagues, among other things, the show wants “your Grandmother and/or Grandfather to teach [Rocca] their favorite recipe and share their stories and life advice.” Hobbies that they could teach Rocca are “a big bonus.”

Basically anyone in the AARP’s subscriber demographic can apply, though based on what Rocca once told us, pale-faced vegans may want to stay on their recliners.