Fact-Checking The New York Observer’s Media Power Bachelorettes List


Fellas! The media power bachelorettes are here, courtesy of pink listicle factory the New York Observer. Full disclosure: Jen Doll and Maura Johnston of this here Village Voice are both on the list, lending it a distinctly 36 Cooper Square flair. This blogger was spared, which meant that there was plenty of time to fact-check the list, which we did yesterday with the hunky bachelors. This time, we couldn’t find many mistakes at all (did we scare you yesterday, NYO?). What we really found were some questions and observations. Behold:

  • We haven’t been able to independently confirm this, but are we sure that girly-media maven Jane Pratt is not with Andrew Shaifer, the father of her daughter? We haven’t heard anything about their relationship status in a while, although we know they’ve never been married. Although, in this piece about her boobs, Pratt says “What hubby?” but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve broken up, does it? Are we missing something? But then here, she writes “Why aren’t you congratulating me like crazy?” with regard to the Power Bachelorettes list, so who knows. We have a headache. (ed.note See below for an update – we were wrong!)
  • Sadie Stein, formerly of Jezebel and now of the Paris Review: not engaged anymore? A commenter seems to think she still is, but her Twitter indicates that she hasn’t found any problems with the list. (ed.note Again, see below for an update.)
  • If NYT book reviewer Michiko Kakutani is so mysterious you don’t even know if she’s single or not, can she really be considered a bachelorette? Just saying.
  • The term “Dollstruction” is an invention of Foster Kamer’s, not commonly used in the offices of the Village Voice, although perhaps now it will (nay, should) be.
  • Durga Chew-Bose, an editor at This Recording, did not go to Columbia, but instead is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence. She was even a senior class co-president. (h/t @mauddeitch)

And those are the only qualms we could come up with. Kudos to you, NYO. We look forward to “50 Most Precocious Media Power Babies,” “50 Most Terrifying Media Power Murderers,” and “50 Most Powerful Power Powering Power-ers.”

Update: Both Jane Pratt and Sadie Stein were fact-checked, we’ve learned. Our bad!

Update 5:32 p.m.: Presented without comment.