Fish Soup at Sheng Wang, Dish No. 52


The fish soup at Sheng Wang has no noodles, but is a bargain at $3 per bowl.

Sheng Wang has produced the best hand-pulled noodles in the city for the last five years, and was also the place to introduce peel noodles into Chinatown. The menu has gradually expanded since last year’s renovation, and now there is a section of Fujianese-style apps, giving you tremendous flexibility in the size of your meal.

One of these offerings is a soup not filled with noodles called “fish soup.” The broth is dense, the tendrils of fish beaten with sweet-potato starch to make them into little elongated dumplings. Watch out! A few tiny bones lurk in the fish; they can be chewed up or removed from the mouth one by one.

The broth is satisfyingly rich, and one bowl is enough to fill you up without aid of carbs.

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