Homophobic New York Post Commenters Rage on Bronx Born Lesbian Killed at Indiana State Fair


Last night, we did a double take when the New York Post briefly ran a headline describing Bronx born lesbian activist Christina Santiago (who was tragically killed at the Indiana State Fair last weekend when the concert stage collapsed) as a bride to be.

The Post has had little positive or even neutral to say about same-sex marriage, and we were further surprised to see them write about Santiago’s plan to marry her partner without snark. They even managed to refer to Alisha Brennon, also critically injured, as her “fiancée” in a subsequent article, despite the fact that marriage would have been available to them in Santiago’s native New York, but not in Chicago where they resided.

But we were not, sadly, surprised to see several of the Post’s homophobic readers’ comments in the wake of the tragedy.

There was this gem:

And also this:

And finally, this about her work at the Howard Brown Health Center:

We are no strangers to rough reader comments and don’t think a publication should be judged solely by its worst comments from its most vitriolic readers. But even we have covered the most liberal of bloggers (see Joe My God on “All faggots must die”) reining things in with authorities sometimes.

And even we, longtime readers and critics of the Post, were pretty shocked by what their readers had to say about this lesbian Latina activist, just days after her death, while the bride she will never get to marry is still fighting for her life.