Ne-Yo Fancies Himself A Fantasy Object On His “Motivation” Flip


Singer/songwriter/all-around smoothie Ne-Yo is spinning the success of the very-beneath-him-but-still-huge Pitbull “Give Me Everything” into the release of a mixtape sometime later this month. Last week to give people a taste he released his take on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Try A Little Tenderness”-powered ode to the self “Otis”. Today he jumps on Kelly Rowland’s icy “Motivation,” which has already been leapt on by R. Kelly, Busta Rhymes, and a ton of other dudes—Ne-Yo’s twist is that he’s flipped the song into something worthy of the title “She Uses Me (Masturbation).” I bet you can figure out the plotline for that one! Clip below.

Oh, and let’s just add my Critical bias: I’m kind of a Ne-Yo stan, albeit one who wishes she had enough audio-software knowledge to rescue just his voice from the pulsing Eurohouse of “Give Me Everything.” So I like this! Even if, you know, I feel like the lyrics could be by the sort of guy who gives a lady he likes a Playgirl cover of himself as a gift.