Neil Patrick Harris Is To Be Congratulated!


I just told this to a reporter at PGN (Philadelphia Gay News) and I will link the piece when it comes out.

And I’ve written it and said it before, usually falling on deaf ears.

But it bears shouting from the rooftops:

Neil Patrick Harris has broken all the rules, closet-wise, with amazing success!

He was out on TV when everyone said you couldn’t possibly do so, and he got away with it.

In fact, he’s a raging success.

And now he’s played the lead in The Smurfs movie, and it’s such a hit they’ve just green-lighted a sequel.

Neil plays a married (to a woman) man. In a children’s franchise film. And no one’s had one word of complaint about that, as far as I can surmise. There is no problemo here!

He’s the first out gay man to have the lead in a Hollywood movie, and the world didn’t end!

Congrats, kid. You’ve made history.