Nikki Finke Reacts to Her Power Bachelorette Ranking


Out of the 50 media power bachelorettes featured in the New York Observer‘s list today, there was one that intrigued us the most: Nikki Finke, Hollywood industry news doyenne and notoriously secretive character. How did she feel about being in a list of bachelorettes? Is she even really a bachelorette? Her slide on the Observer site reads:

Ms. Finke’s been notoriously single since her days as a freelancer-cum-socialite in New York City. She’s now rarely seen and still maintains herself as a powerful source of Hollywood scoops long after lesser power-bloggers or journalists would have burned out. Problem, though, is that she doesn’t get out much. That’s okay: charm her enough, and you may be one of the few lucky individuals to hang out with her in person and get a feel for her very strong…personality. Also, if you’re a masochist, step right up: Being screamed at over the phone by Ms. Finke is something every media journalist should aspire to experience at least once. Some roses, they have thorns.

We called Ms. Finke for comment this afternoon. She had no idea she’d been put on the list and was surprised, though not too taken aback; “I don’t think my people read the New York Observer,” she said. She found the whole thing very amusing. When we asked if she was really single, she said she wouldn’t talk about her personal life: “I don’t write about people’s personal lives, and I don’t like it when people write about mine.”

As for the list, “I don’t even know what to say. It’s hilarious and it’s ludicrous. Let’s just say I never thought the words Nikki and bachelorette would ever be used in the same sentence. What the hell is wrong with people?”

There you have it: we still don’t know if Nikki Finke is a true bachelorette. By the way, she said that “no fact checker ever called me” before the slideshow was published.