The Ten Best Young Jeezy Tracks Released Since He “Fell Off”


You guys drank the Kool-Aid, didn’t you? Now all you can rave about is Rick Ross. Tsk, tsk. The guy told you himself, in no uncertain terms, that he’s caught up in a fantasy. Yeah, he’s got a talent for picking huge, cinematic beats, and he strings words together nicely from time to time. Problem is William Leonard Roberts II really thinks he’s Big Meech or Larry Hoover. His rap name is derived from “Freeway” Ricky Ross, a convicted drug dealer who tried suing Rozay for copyright infringement. (Real recognize real?) To fortify his movement he scrapped the failed Carol City Cartel drams and recruited some young guns. But his ear for talent isn’t as crisp as his ear for beats these days. Meek, Pill… if this is the order of the day, no wonder you clowns think Jeezy fell off.

Sure, Jeezy exaggerates, but he gets to ride with Jay-Z. (Real recognize real, indeed.) Now that Thug Motivation 103‘s been slated for a September 20 release, the trap will be teeming with addicts returning for a fix. At the sixth-anniversary show for TM101, the same bloggers who’d been crying has-been a few months back were crying tears of joy at Jizzle’s return. Before the rest of the world catches the vapors and starts claiming they were “always” Jeezy fans, here are the ten songs that in spite of his waning popularity I never stopped listening to Jay Jenkins.

1. Illin’ feat. Clipse (Trap Or Die 2)
This dope boy convention was way past due but worth the wait. Push and Mal talk coke like their host over a Lamont Dozier sample.

2. Flexing feat. Fab and Yo Gotti (The Real Is Back)
Probably my summer anthem. Fab’s verse is murder and the hook embeds itself in your psyche.

3. Bout That Time feat. Plies
Could do without Plies’ tone-deaf shouting on this hit from last summer, but great to listen to while getting ready for the club.

4. Problem (Trap or Die 2)
Motivation-inducing beat with Jeezy doing his Dough Boy impersonation asking if there’s a problem in this bitch. Tough talk with heart.

5. Real As It Gets (Jay-Z feat. Young Jeezy)
See, this is why you cant deny Jizzle’s rank. He gets a guest appearance on this track plus a shout on “A Star is Born”. Where’s Rick?

6. Do It For You feat. Freddie Gibbs (The Real Is Back)
Kind of a soft, more soulful beat than the usual Jeezy fare but it still knocks like a ‘Pac track. Gangsta Gibbs comes off blending in like he’s as CTE as Slick Pulla.

7. Run DMC feat. Freddie Gibbs (The Real Is Back)
Anybody with a foot in the underworld and a foot in the legitimate world is feeling this one. Gibbs being signed to CTE says a lot about the caliber of artist Jeezy is fucking with.

8. Ballin’ feat. Weezy
If you frequent the club, you know how it gets when this song comes on. If you’re a nerdy blogger who doesn’t, well, no wonder you thought Jizzle was done.

9. Snow Go (The Real Is Back)
Vintage Jeezy rapping about his favorite controlled substance. Nothing more, nothing less. Silly hook, kind of, but it still wins. Speaking of win…

10. Win (The Real Is Back)
What more is there to life?