Turn Hollywood Films Into Pornos! Come On!


It’s easy!

Simply change a letter or two and what was a prestigious Oscar winner suddenly becomes a dirty trashathon — and something that sounds way more fun to watch.

Let’s not concentrate on the old spoofs like All About Beav and Schindler’s Fist, OK?

Let’s stick to films of the last few years.

Here are my pornographically transformed titles for those with genitals on the brain — and elsewhere:

Up in the Ass

Barney’s Perversion

The Skids Are All Right


Phallus in Wonderland


127 Inches

Cunty Strong

Transformers: Dark of the Poon

Thighs of the Planet of the Apes

And, of course, these films, which don’t need any title changes at all:

The Beaver, Winter’s Bone, Super 8, Rabbit Hole, and How to Train Your Dragon.

That sounds like a quintuple bill on Xtube!

Meanwhile on Broadway:

Snatch Me If You Can, The Mounting Top, Mary’s Poppin’, Cock of Ages, and, of course, the Tony-winning Sore Horse.

Any more suggestions?