Vampire Weekend And Contra Model Ann Kirsten Kennis Have Settled Their Lawsuit


A year or so ago the woman wearing a polo shirt on the cover of Vampire Weekend’s ContraAnn Kirsten Kennis, who claimed to have been made aware of her picture being on the album cover by her daughter—filed suit against the band and its label, XL, for appropriating the image of her without her consent. Last week, Kennis asked a Federal court in Los Angeles to dismiss the lawsuit, saying that she had reached a settlement with the band and the label.

In the wake of Kennis’ lawsuit, the band and XL filed a counterclaim against original photographer Tod Brody, who sold them the image for $5,000; the allegations involve falsified model releases and murkiness about how, exactly, Brody procured the image. That case is still on, although Brody’s lawyers pulled out of the case in June, saying that he couldn’t pay his bills and claiming “lack of cooperation.” He’s now defending himself in court; he also has a no-comment-but-really-I-have-things-to-say defense of himself on his site, saying that he took the picture himself in 1983 during a soap-commercial casting session.