Cake Vodka Is Now Officially Its Own Category


We thought we’d discovered an abomination when we learned of cupcake vodka. Then we figured it was just a coincidence that someone had soon after launched wedding-cake vodka. But after a recent invitation to a third cake-vodka launch — for UV Cake — we must accept the painful truth: Cake vodka is now officially its own spirits category.

So, what other dessert-flavored vodka might you find on liquor-store shelves? Pinnacle has both cake and whipped-cream vodkas among its plethora of kooky flavors; Burnett’s launched a whipped-cream-flavored vodka earlier this year; in England, you can find a Jaffa Cake-flavored bottled vodka drink; and Van Gogh is proud to present its Dutch Caramel Vodka.

Oh, sure, we suppose we should have eaten (drunk?) our words when Cupcake Vodka won Best in Show at the New York World Wine & Spirits 2011 competition. But we stand by our initial odium. Just because you can make something, and just because a bunch of people are happy to swallow it, doesn’t mean you should. Artificial candy flavors infused into neutral spirits dumb down the collective palate, and that is of concern. Just as there is an effort to wean kids off sugar and TV, so should we be educating college girls and bachelorettes about the dangers of cake vodka to their delicate sensibilities.