De Santos Goes All iPad


There’s been much talk of restaurants using iPads for menus (side note: having perused the iPad wine menu at Compose, we understand the appeal), but the West Village restaurant De Santos (139 West 10th Street, 212-206-9229) has taken things to the next level: Servers use iPad 2 tablets to take orders and can even swipe credit cards on the machines.

According to Inc., De Santos officially unveiled its new system August 1, earning the distinction as New York’s first restaurant to run completely on iPads. In addition to ordering and paying, the iPad also features a customized POS system, which appears as an app on every server’s iPad, and also lets them access table and seating charts plus menus from the kitchen that note each specific dish with menu ingredients and preparations. De Santos’s owner claims that the whole POS system cost $18,000, compared with the $30,000 a regular system would cost him, plus he can access real-time data and sales stats.

Who knows, maybe individual iPods will be next, ensuring that everyone has exactly the music they want to listen to. Screw having to actually talk to your dining companions.