Did You Lose Your Chicken in Downtown Brooklyn?


Via Brownstoner, there’s a chicken lost in Brooklyn that’s been located by some kind soul who is trying to help it find its way back home. (Home, we hope, is a place amenable to chickens, as this story would go very differently if it were an escaped, gonna-be-food kind of chicken.) Their tipster, who is fostering the chicken, writes, “I found a chicken last night around Downtown Brooklyn and am trying to find its owner. This is not a joke. Since she likely would have been run over and killed and looked like someone’s pet, I brought it home and am now trying to locate its owner. BTW, I already have a rabbit and for the record, the rabbit is not afraid of the chicken but the chicken is terrified of the rabbit.”

Animal husbandry 101, city dweller! Kidding. Actually, that’s damn fascinating.

Chicken — Mr. Ms. Chicken? — has a Craigslist post, too.

Did someone lose a chicken? (Brooklyn)
Date: 2011-08-17, 10:01AM EDT
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Did someone lose a chicken? I found a chicken in my neighborhood last night, sitting on top of a windshield of a truck. If you are the owner of this chicken, please describe to me the neighborhood you live in and exactly what the chicken looks like so I know that it will not end up at KFC. Thank you, and this is not a joke.

Brownstoner says, “If you’re out a chicken in your backyard coop, write to” We wrote, even though we are not a chicken, in hopes of further details that might end this chicken’s travail. We can’t help it; we’re suckers for adorable or sort of weird-looking animals that might be in trouble.

Update! We have spoken to the finder of the chicken. His name is Steve Chung, and he is 39. He and his girlfriend found the chicken while walking in Brooklyn after dinner last night. He told us, “We saw a guy standing by the chicken, which was on top of a truck, on the windshield grasping onto the wipers. The guy was petting and kind of guarding it — he stopped it from being hit by a stick.”

A group began to congregate to figure out what to do. They called 311; they tried to put the chicken behind a fence (the chicken walked out); and finally, Chung and his girlfriend, whose parents have chickens, took it home.

“I finally relented,” he said. “The chicken probably would have gotten run over. I have a rabbit in the kitchen, and I thought the rabbit — which has attacked a dog before — might react badly, but the rabbit was fine. The chicken freaked out and flew up onto our sink. So we decided to put it in a big cardboard box, apparently they’re O.K. with that, and we fed her some raw corn, and she fell asleep.”

Cutest chicken detail ever: “The chicken was very tired, and her eyes were closing as we carried her back.”

Today, however, the chicken has been clucking loudly all day, as chickens do, so Chung and his girlfriend are ever more eager to find her a good home or, if possible, her owner.

“I’ve gotten a few emails,” he said, “Including a guy from Park Slope who he says he has chickens and it’s not his but he’d be willing to adopt her. Another said he’d give me advice.”

Surprisingly, nobody’s trying to be funny!: “I’m shocked i haven’t gotten a single joke email. People have been pretty nice about the whole thing.”

Does the chicken have a name? “I didn’t name her, but my girlfriend has been calling her Clucky, which I think is just an O.K. name,” says Chung.

Do you recognize Clucky? You can still get in touch via

Lost in Brooklyn: A Chicken [Brownstoner]

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