Don’t Expect to See Veselka Bowery for Another Month or So


Although Veselka owner Tom Birchard told us back in March that he was planning to open his restaurant’s Bowery offshoot by May or June at the latest, it looks like September may be a more realistic due date.

Birchard told The Local East Village that the restaurant likely won’t open for another four to six weeks, and that he’s still looking for an executive chef who can make “more upscale, refined, creative dishes” than the ones found at Veselka’s 57-year-old Second Avenue location, but still has an appreciation for more humble Eastern European comfort food.

Birchard described the menu, which will be about 75 percent brand-new, as “more strictly Ukranian” with some sort of vague farm-to-table component to match the restaurant’s “rustic Ukranian farmhouse theme.” Judging by photos of the place, it doesn’t look like any farmhouse we’ve ever seen, Ukrainian or otherwise, unless all it takes to qualify these days is a few tables slapped together from reclaimed wood. But as long as the borscht is the same, we won’t complain.