FDNY Rescues Driver From Truck Dangling From Sanitation Garage


This photo just in. Somehow, a garbage (some are saying a salt) truck managed to get in this precarious position, two stories high, dangling out of a sanitation garage at 58-35 52 Road at 59th Street in Queens. The FDNY tweeted the photo, which is, you have to admit, pretty freaking dramatic, especially because there was a guy inside. We spoke to an FDNY spokesperson, who told us that the call came in at 9:28, and that he didn’t know how the truck got where it was, but that the man inside was rescued with a tower ladder. Whew.

Roughly 25 units and 106 FDNY members were on scene by 9:34 for the rescue, which was considered “a major emergency.”

The driver, a 56-year-old male, sustained neck and back injuries and was transported to Elmhurst Hospital, where he’s in stable condition. Best wishes for a speedy recovery so you can tell us all how the hell this happened.

Update: The NYPD tells us that the sanitation truck had backed out [we’re confused, too] of the facility, and that there’s no criminality suspected.

According to the Department of Sanitation, the building is the central repair shop, and the truck, a salt-spreader, was there for routine off-season maintenance. The driver of the vehicle was a mechanic. Their spokesman reiterated the common view, “We don’t really know exactly how it happened.”

We’d heard reports that the building might be unstable, but Sanitation told us they have no information about that as of yet. There will be a press conference at the building at noon.

Oh! There’s now a photo of the truck in the process of being removed.