Someday, New York May Be Home to a Kiss Coffeehouse


What is it with elderly rockers and beverages?

Earlier this week, the Internet learned that AC/DC has collaborated with Australia’s Warburn Estate winery to produce a line of AC/DC wines with names like Back in Black Shiraz and You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato.

And now it looks like Kiss also wants in on the action: According to the Las Vegas Sun, members of the glam-rock band are planning to open a Kiss-themed coffeehouse in Las Vegas, and eyeing future locations in cities including our very own. The band has actually been in the coffee business for a while, having opened its first coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, five years ago. It also, in case you were wondering, has a stake in the miniature-golf industry.

Although one could reasonably assume that the only requirements for opening a Kiss Coffeehouse are an affinity for face paint and a tolerance for ridicule, they’re actually quite stringent. According to the Kiss Coffeehouse website, “there are many factors that go into approving a site for a KISS Coffeehouse.”

Among other things, full-service sites must be 1,200 square feet and be located in a spot that gets 5 million annual visitors. And there’s this: “Ability to construct signature KISS Coffeehouse storefront. This includes boots and belt and sign band with KISS logo. Also necessary for kiosk locations.”

The website also notes that “Locations should be tourist driven, captive market locations with a strong entertainment component. This would include casinos, amusement parks and stadiums.” Brownstone Brooklyn, we’re looking at you!

[Via The Food Station]