Taylor Lautner: Can He Be A Film Star?


Yes, I know he is a film star, thanks to a little something called the Twilight franchise.

But can Taylor Lautner make it as a bona fide movie star apart from that?

If you can’t pull that kind of thing off, then you might as well be Francis the Talking Mule.

And face it, it hasn’t been all sunshine and lollipops for the Twilight kids.

I mean, I like Kristen Stewart a lot, and she’s managed to score in a few other films, but they always seem to ask her to re-create the sullen act she does so well.

It would be nice to see the girl stretch her chops and make a full-palette career out of it, with a view toward the long haul.

And Robert Pattinson hasn’t exactly soared out of fang-land either. This year, he co-starred in Water for Turkeys, I mean Water for Elephants, and though insiders considered it to be Reese’s movie, he definitely gets penalized by association — and inclusion.

His future in non-blood-sucking movies is no more certain than those of former Nickelodeon stars.

And now the comely Taylor is starring in Abduction. It’s his first central, it’s-my-movie kind of big-time role.

If he takes his shirt off a lot — and I bet he does — he’ll probably have at least one amazing weekend at the box office when it opens in September.

But will he survive the Twilight stamp or will his vampire success end up biting him on the ass?

Damned if I know, but it’ll be fun to track it and find out.