This New Lenny Kravitz Song Is Completely OK Until Drake Horns In On It


When I hear the name “Lenny Kravitz” I instantly think his retro grabs, songs that are at their best expertly crafted and can flow seamlessly into the hits from its era, or at their worst something that sounds like a lazy rock trope remixed and regurgitated. Today two tracks from his forthcoming album Black And White America leaked, and one of them, “Sunflower,” is a cracking bit of lite-funk with a shiny brass section and a jangling beat. It all sprints along… until Drake shows up. “I’m not that good with words, but I’ll try my best,” he starts things off by saying. Oh, Drake. Always making it about you, eh? Clip below.

You know, I feel like this song would sound good mashed up with M.I.A.’s “Sunshowers.” Not just because of the way the titles rhyme, either!

Here, meanwhile, is “Boongie Drop,” a Swizz Beatz co-write that is pretty annoying to listen to from the get-go, and that has a verse from Jay-Z:

Black And White America is out August 30; Kravitz is playing two free shows in NYC that week, too.