This Week in the Voice: Anatomy of a Bike Accident, Plus Kenny Chesney and Beyoncé


This week in the Voice, out today: Camille Dodero explores the fallout from a bike accident in Greenpoint that happened in October. A Brooklyn couple, James Paz and Michelle Matson, were hit by a car on McGuiness Boulevard, and Michelle was severely injured. They’ve learned that if you get into a bike accident, the police won’t help you much at all.

Robert Sietsema reviews St. Anselm, a Williamsburg restaurant that grills all sorts of things, from mackerel to whole chickens. The wine is served out of kegs.

What do Kenny Chesney and Beyoncé have in common? Maura Johnston explains.

Amigo, a film about America’s pacification of the Philippines, is “engrossing”; check out J. Hoberman’s review.

Karina Longworth reviews One Day, a new movie in which Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess fail to drum up any chemistry.

Michael Musto hangs out with the owner of Rasputin Restaurant & Cabaret in Brighton Beach, which “is as crazy fun as the old Russian Tea Room without the stick up its ass.”

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