Tonight, It Will Be Even Easier To Get a Free Prison Tat While Drunk


We know a deal when we see one. And tonight there is a super duper deal happening in Williamsburg! You can get a handmade tattoo for free with all the free beer you want at a bar called Lady Jay’s starting at 10 p.m. (the event is sponsored by PBR, of course). The selections are “stick and poke” tattoos, which means that instead of using a machine, the people doing the tattooing will poke you repeatedly with a needle, prison tat-style; if you’re looking for a guide on how to make these things yourself, Vice obviously had you covered like four years ago. All this, in an environment full of free alcohol. What could possibly go wrong?


Here are your choices, tattoo-wise:

Will you have the lightning bolt? The slice of pizza? The pentagram? The dead bird?

A worker at Lady Jay’s told us that “probably a good amount” of people would show up. He estimated that each tattoo would take between 30 and 45 minutes, and there are only two tattoo artists coming. In other words, it sounds like a clogged gulag of drunk people waiting to make bad decisions; just like any other bar on any other night, really, except for one of the bad decisions is even more immediate.

Do real tattoo places allow this kind of thing to happen? We called Three Kings Tattoo, a parlor in the same neighborhood as Lady Jay’s which we know to be reputable, and asked if they ever tattoo drunk people. “Absolutely not,” the receptionist said. “It’s on the release form, and it’s on most other places’ release forms too.”

[via Brokelyn]