Turquoise Jeep’s Yung Humma Releases Another Banger (Or Should We Say Smanger)


After Yung Humma teamed up with labelmate Flynt Flo$$y to release “Lemme Smang It”—a smash/bang fusion of awkward rhymes, a minimalist beat from the reclusive Tummiscratch, and gif-ready dance moves that led to tour dates around the country, a Sound of the City interview, and this amazing t-shirt—the duo and their labelmates at Turquoise Jeep seemed to hit a bit of a creative wall. Slick Mahoney’s “Go Grab My Belt” had a great video and got a boost from Humma himself, but it still felt like a step back. Meanwhile, the funniest part of Flossy’s admittedly catchy “Did I Mention I Like To Dance” was my own attempts to emulate the moves. “Happy Sexgiving,” however, might be the group’s second masterpiece, easily the highlight of their post-“Smang It” catalog. Video below.

I’ve watched this a few times by now and are still trying to figure out my favorite part. Maybe Humma first appearing, hair blown to the side, amid some New Age-y clouds and planets? Or is it the shot of two hands meeting in front of the Sexgiving cake? Then there’s the subtleties, like Humma giving and applying that slap-bracelet wristwatch.