Worshipping at St. Anselm’s Altar — A Photo Review


Three Kinds of Eggplants is one of the Saint’s best dishes, with some fried goat cheese on the side.

This week, Counter Culture pries open the door of the Dining Cathedral of St. Anselm. Here are some of the things my friends and I ate, and what we thought of them.

The bacon, done on the grill, was a little dry, and tasted too much like ham.

The clams are meaty, parsley-flecked, and opened on the flame grill.

The thing we enjoyed most was the peppercorn-studded whole mackerel (a sustainable fish).

The thing we enjoyed least was the heavily crumbed, greasy, and gristly beef ribs.


The ceiling sports a “sawing wood” motif.

Accompanied by pickled lotus root, the trio of sardines proved magnificent.

The keg wine is served in handsome beakers.

The $10 hamburger was a delightful variation on the usual.

The foot-long prawns were a dining experience not easily forgotten.

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