Your Rude Coworker Is Giving You Social Herpes


If science says it, it must be true! And, even if it’s not, this is grounds for being rude right on back to your rudest coworker. A Baylor University Study has found that stress created by your coworker being a total and complete asshat (partial disclosure: We have never worked with anyone like this, ever) can and frequently does go home with you after work, impacting not only you but also your family, particularly your spouse. The viral impact of rude coworkering is so great, in fact, that your husband or wife is likely to take the stress to their own workplaces, spreading rudeness like wildfire among the Americas and possibly globally. This is like paying it forward, but not, not at all.

More like paying it sideways with a backhanded compliment.

“Employees who experience such incivility at work bring home the stress, negative emotion and perceived ostracism that results from those experiences, which then affects more than their family life — it also creates problems for the partner’s life at work,” said Merideth J. Ferguson, Ph.D., assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship at the Baylor University Hankamer School of Business and study author.

The research goes on to talk about how people should be nice to each other and blah blah blah did anyone tell you how boring you are, science? Also, the way you eat that candy is pretty fucking gross. Do you really expect to fit into that wedding dress if you can’t keep your grubby hands out of the office Jolly Rancher stash? Also, no one cares to hear your incessant wedding chatter JESUS CHRIST.

All this stress significantly affects the satisfaction of everyone, except for the person who is getting to be rude in that particular moment, who feels both a guilt and a secret inner joy that is much like euphoria. But, of course, it fades.

Be nice, working peoples! And, if you must be rude, don’t be boring.

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