America’s Strangest Eating Addictions Include Dryer Sheets, Human Ashes, Rocks


In the category of reality shows that truly messed-up people watch to feel less messed-up compared with the even-more-messed-up people on the show, we give you TLC’s My Strange Addiction. It features, just as you might expect, people who are into all sorts of weird shit, from huffing gasoline to furryism. But the eating addictions are what really take the, ahem, cake.

The folks over at Short Order rounded up the show’s 10 best/worst food addictions — and we’re using the word “food” loosely. Chalk, drywall, toilet paper, dryer sheets, glass, rocks, cigarette ashes, human ashes — these are all items that the show’s subjects have somehow become hooked on. Some of the segments are painfully sad and watching them feels like exploiting a sick person. Others are just, well, strange. Here is one of a young woman addicted to laundry detergent. And we all thought our salt and sugar addictions were dangerous …