Ashton Kutcher’s Conflicts of Interest; U.S. Editor of NOTW Arrested; Christine O’Donnell vs. Piers Morgan


Thursday! A wide-ranging media news kind of day. Ranging from Ashton Kutcher’s murky Details editorship to Piers Morgan’s failed interview of Christine O’Donnell to the everlasting travails of the dead News of the World, Thursday’s Press Clips is all about conflict.

First, Ashton Kutcher (in the interest of full disclosure, we’ll note that the Voice published a cover story involving Kutcher’s anti-sex trafficking foundation this summer). Kutcher is the cover boy for the September issue of Details, and he also acted as guest editor for the online edition, pieces of which can be found on Facebook if you “like” Details. Central to Kutcher’s editorial experiment is a feature on the “New Titans Of Tech.” Three of the four Titans are companies in which Kutcher is an investor (Airbnb, Foursquare, and Flipboard), but this information is not disclosed. It gets a bit worse with “Generation Next… a guide to the emerging tools transforming the way you live,” a list of new products recommended by Kutcher. It’s not surprising that most of them (as in like 10 out of 12) are either Kutcher investments or Kutcher advisees. Again, no disclosure. Of course, this is basically the same thing that goes on at glossy lifestyle magazines everywhere — especially, as Jezebel’s Irin Carmon pointed out, at ladymags — but in this case it’s somewhat more obvious. [Gawker]

The first U.S. arrest in the News of the World hacking scandal has been made, though it’s the 13th arrest overall. James Desborough, a Hollywood reporter for NOTW who became the U.S. editor of the paper in 2009, was arrested by appointment in London this morning. His arrest raises the question of whether or not phone hacking was going on here as well as overseas. [Guardian]

Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell was interviewed by CNN host Piers Morgan yesterday, but as Morgan tweeted, she stormed out when he started asking her questions about gay marriage. Dan d’Addario from the Observer asked her why she left, and she told him it was simply because she was late for a speech at the Women’s National Republican Club and that the interview with Morgan was “fun.” But in the interview itself, O’Donnell says “I was supposed to be speaking at the Republican Women’s Club at six o’clock and I chose to be a little late for that not to be-not to endure a rude talk show host but to talk about my book and talk about the issues I address in my book. Have you read the book?” She only mentioned her lateness after calling Morgan “rude” and making her intentions to walk out of his show clear.