Bowery Beef May Be Leaving the Bowery Poetry Club


Some unfortunate news to report from the Bowery today: Bowery Beef, the roast beef sandwich shop that opened in the Bowery Poetry Club in February, may be closing.

EV Grieve spoke with Ray LeMoine, one of the shop’s owners, who told him that although he’s not “100 percent sure,” it looks like they’ll be moving to another location. Multiple robberies and their attendant losses and lack of security are behind the possible closure; the lack of a dinner rush was also a contributing factor.

Bowery Beef may remain on the Bowery: LeMoine said he has “a handful of options” there and has been talking about doing “a Bowery Beef hybrid similar to what we did with Poetry, meaning a cultural component.” Like, he joked, “an artisinal [sic] whorehouse/casino pop-up, called Area 69, with male hookers dressed as sexy vegan aliens, sustainable poker chips and a green building made of composted human shit.”

Sounds like a plan, so long as they serve the roast beef sandwich that Our Man Sietsema so loved!