Fruit To Scare Children: Witch Finger Grapes


Hang a bunch out the window and see if it doesn’t scare the crap out of your air-shaft neighbors.

Botanists are racing to invent new and more striking strains of fruit to satisfy apparently bottomless consumer demand. The latest — spotted and purchased at Eataly this afternoon — is the Witch Finger grape. Yes, a small bunch does look like a shriveled human hand. Grab a pointy hat and broomstick and you’re ready for Halloween.

The Witch Finger is a reshaped black seedless grape. The flavor is extra-sweet. (If they’re going to invent a new strain, why not make it super-sweet, too?) Unfortunately, at $7 per pound, this grape is best used as a conversation starter at a party you throw for your boss.

Anyway, there’s almost no info to be had on the Web about Witch Finger, or its fellow newly invented grape, Cotton Candy. Only that few retail stores offer it, and it’s supposed to be rare. Which is maybe how the grape made its way into Eataly. Expect to see them in Citarella soon, and, after that, Whole Foods. Eventually, the ones from FreshDirect will arrive old and squished.

Like the sign says, they’re not giving them away.