Glee The 3D Concert Movie Not Gleeful At The Box Office


It came in 11th at the b.o. on its debut last Friday and has since only amassed $7,588,666.

It’s still at number 11 — and what’s with that 666?

So why is Glee not burning up the Hollywood moolah scene?

My guesses (which include those from respondents):

(1) You can get it for free on TV.

(2) It was marketed too much to Gleeks, making it feel a little too insular and insidery.

(3) The 3-D trend has waned, and the oft-burned public is wary to spend the extra three bucks on it.

(4) They turned the movie around too fast. (A friend of mine was at a concert they filmed at and the result was in theaters just weeks later.)

(5) In the movie, the actors refer to themselves as their characters. Some have found this creepy.

But I’ll shut up now. If it was a smash, I’d be listing the reasons why that happened.

It’s too easy to surmise a situation after the fact. After all, I’m the one who said Madonna was going nowhere!