Guy Accidentally Carjacks Poodle, Kids


Today in an exclusive the New York Post tells the harrowing tale of a car thief in Queens who found himself the unlucky temporary possessor of van containing two “plucky” (read: adorably obnoxious) little boys and their similarly adorably obnoxious mini-poodle. They heckled him (“Do you know you’re in the wrong car?” the 7 year old asked); told him to keep his hands off the change tray; and exposed him to the excessive yapping and front-seat entitlement of their poodle, named Colette.

Eventually, the car thief was so broken down that he asked the kids for their address and drove them home.

There’s a lesson in this for all of us:

“I thought I locked it, but I guess the doors don’t lock when the key’s in the ignition and it’s still running,” [Sebastian] Russo, [the kids’ dad], said. “I ran inside the store, and within 10 seconds, a man came inside and said someone took my car. I panicked and ran out and flagged down a police car.”

Fortunately, the thief, who told the kids his name was Leo, had been cowed into submission and was dropping them off at their own house.

“I’m actually very thankful that he brought them home,” [Russo] said, adding that he doesn’t hold a grudge.

All’s well that ends well!