How To Successfully Mimic Beyoncé’s Dance Moves: A Sound Of The City Guide


During Beyoncé’s Sunday night show at Roseland a friend pointed out to me that B’s signature dance moves help her songs become megahits. I’d like to take it a bit further, and say that easy to master signature dance moves are what help her songs become megahits! Below, Beyoncé week continues with some tips on how to mimic those shimmys and shakes until you’re dancing like a pro.

THE “SINGLE LADIES” (“Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

There are enough bad parodies of B’s “Mexican Breakfast” homage on YouTube to make people wonder if leotards are back in some way. (They’re not.) At least the dance is easy. Well, parts are, anyway. That’s part of the allure of the song; when it comes on in the club, you and your girlfriends can squeal and put down your ginger-peach-flirtini thing and go stand in the middle of the dancefloor. All you have to do to pull it off is put your hand out and wave your finger back and forth in front of some dude’s face while simultaneously popping your hip up and dow. Those with more self confidence (or maybe stronger drinks) will try to do the reverse head-down stuttering moonwalk thing—but let’s be honest, it’s hard to pull that off. If you keep the “Single Ladies” dance to the hand-waving and the hip-popping, you’re good to go.


For the “Sexy Cat” (seen around the 30-second mark), all you have to do is drop to your hands and knees and arch your back. Really easy to do in the club, but make sure the floor is clean. The “Reverse Wall Hump” consists of slamming your butt against a wall and maybe wearing a silk baseball cap, although I couldn’t find a store online that still sells them—try Etsy, perhaps?. For the “Fur Coat Shimmy,” I recommend finding a fur shawl (fake, preferably) to toss. It also helps to have a husband that can plank on millions to stand near for stability. More tips on that move can be gained by skipping to the 2:20 mark in the video.

THE “RUNNING GIRL” (“Run The World (Girls)”)

This dance requires strong legs and loose shoulders. First, throw your shoulders back and forth. Then, do some squats really quickly, but keep your feet together. The more you do this, the stronger your legs get, and the better you’ll be able to engage in the move. I recommend wearing lots of eye makeup and making your hair as big as possible, as this will keep people focused on your upper half instead of your lower half; this way, when you transition into the part where you shuffle your feet back and forth Riverdance-style, no one will notice any mistakes. Other things that might help are only doing this dance in the desert, either with a giant army of people or on top of a flaming car. If the foot shuffling gets to be too much, stick with the squats, or maybe try the “Motorcycle Kickstart” that she does so well around the 4:10 mark.


Let’s start with the easiest dance from the “Diva” video: the “Puppet Master.” It’s exactly what it sounds like; all you have to do is pretend you have a puppet on your arm and make it talk, probably in a sassy tone, to the person standing in front of you. Sometimes this will scare that person away, but if they leave then you probably want to be dancing with them anyway. For the “Charlie Brown,” throw your head back and keep your arms straight down, and then hop from foot to foot going in a circle. It sounds a little complicated, but no one said being a diva would be easy. If you get a cool pair of fringe sunglasses, your vision will probably be obscured anyway so you won’t be able to tell that people are staring at you—and if you do notice, you can be satisfied that they’re jealous of your moves!

THE “HOW GOOD DOES MY ASS LOOK?” (“Why Don’t You Love Me?”)

Finally, we present the simplest of all the moves I’ve discussed—throw your arms up like you’re getting patted down by the cops, and then turn your head to look at your butt, first on the left, and then on the right. Repeat as necessary until that special someone you were trying to put the moves on makes his or her way over to you.

And remember—none of these moves are restricted to the ladies! I’ve seen a man execute a very successful “Reverse Wall Hump” before.