Man Brushes Beard With Plastic Fork on New York City Subway; Civilian Puts It on YouTube


We are conflicted. Is this, as the poster says, funny? Is this, possibly, sad? Is this simply a gesture of good hygiene, or is it a gesture of poor hygiene, as food and beards do not go hand in hand, and this man does indeed seem to be brushing his beard with a plastic fork? Maybe a real fork would be more sturdy against tangles? Are plastic forks even environmentally responsible? Does it matter? As it’s been a while since our last “this happened on the subway and was recorded by someone and put on YouTube,” we feel it is in some strange way our duty to share this.

Also, brushing your beard with a fork is “better” than clipping your nails on the subway. We think. Discuss amongst yourself, until the next one. We’ll be in the back watching this video of a guy licking his shoe, and weeping.

Can someone just post a video of someone posting a video on the subway, and we can move on with our lives?

Update: Our @NickGreene points out that this grooming method is similar to that seen in The Little Mermaid, which makes everything suddenly…adorable?

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