The Year’s Most Present Actress By Far


I think that sounds nicer than “omnipresent,” since it’s not her fault that every movie she’s ever done seems to be coming out all at once.

She’s Jessica Chastain, the 31-year-old beauty who’s showing her range — and incredible aptitude for achievement — in the following 2011 films:

*In The Tree of Life, Terrence Malick’s masterpiece of editing, she’s the searching and sometimes terrorized Mrs. O’Brien, married to a scary Brad Pitt.

*In The Help, she’s the seemingly trashy but actually good-natured sexpot next door. Yes, she’s one of the good white folk.

*She’s coming up in two thrillers starring Sam Worthington. One is the crime thriller Texas Killing Fields, and there’s also an espionage thriller, The Debt, in which she grows up to be Helen Mirren.

*Jessica plays the title role in Wilde Salome, Al Pacino’s continuing look at the Oscar Wilde chestnut. Hoo-ha!

*And she’s Virgilia in another classic, Coriolanus, directed by and starring multiple Oscar nominee Ralph Fiennes. That one has prestige written all over its popcorn.

And that only takes us till December.

All this is starting to make Emma Stone look lazy by comparison.