Brighton Beach Russians Can’t Watch Show About Brighton Beach Russians


By now, you’ve read and enjoyed my column about Russian Dolls, the Lifetime reality show about varying generations of Brooklyn Russkies angling for their lump of caviar in the sky.

Well, I just got a call from a Brooklyn Russkie who was brimming with rage mixed with a healthy sense of irony.

Said she:

“Time Warner does not service Brighton Beach.

“As a result, the Brighton Beach Russian community they’re giving people a taste of with this show can’t be seen by the Brighton Beach Russian community!

“Can you believe it?”

Honey, I’ll believe anything except that my stock portfolio just went up.

If this is true, it’s totally tragic lumpfish, but it’s made a little less so by the fact that these people are way too busy living this particular lifestyle to sit at home and watch it anyway.