Finland Exports Its ‘Have Your Own Pop-Up Restaurant Day’


Finland held its first Restaurant Day in May of this year, a magical day when anyone was allowed to create his or her own pop-up restaurant, permits and inspections be damned. The second one will be held this Sunday, and observed in 26 different cities and towns, including ones in England, Slovenia, and Bulgaria. The Finns are hoping we might also jump on the bandwagon.

The first event earlier this year drew 40 different pop-up concepts, set up in people’s homes, offices, streets, parks, beaches, and even on “carpet washing docks.” Whatever those are. The northernmost restaurant popped up in Inari, some 125 miles from the Arctic Sea. Entries this weekend will include the offal-heavy menu of Restaurant Heart & Blood, the Raw Food Cart, and something called “The American Heart Attack,” in Helsinki, which will specialize in county-fair concoctions, like deep-fried cheese balls, chocolate-coated bacon, and “Mars Bar cheesecake lowered on a basket from a second-floor window.” It’s an event after our own hearts, of course, but we’re afraid those crazy Scandis are on their own.