How Is New York Not in the ’10 Most Promiscuous Cities’ List?


Dating site OkCupid, which comes out with interesting sex and dating data every now and then, has dropped some new knowledge on us: a list of the 10 most promiscuous cities in the U.S. The metric is based on how many OkCupid users’ profiles said they were seeking casual sex. New York, the city of Samantha Jones, of bars that stay open till 4 a.m., a city that should rightfully claim its spot as a bastion of forward-thinking sexuality, is somehow not even in the top 10. To add insult to injury, Portland won instead of us, claiming the number one position.

The list breaks down like so:

10. Houston
9. San Diego
8. Denver
7. San Bernardino
6. Dallas
5. San Francisco
4. Miami
3. Pittsburgh (?!?)
2. Seattle
1. [Fucking] Portland

Portland! The perpetually patchouli-scented ’90s time-warp where nobody has a real job and everything is a lot cheaper and more spacious and the people are friendly and there is excellent coffee and….where were we?

Maybe we’re just too into our careers, or all settling down, or taking celibacy vows.