NYT Comes Out Against ‘Yarn Bombing’


Neil Genzlinger’s list in the Times this weekend of things in NYC that should be banned. He’d like to ban pan flutes, for example, and fedoras (we endorse this one), “anyone caught using a cellphone,” and twin strollers containing only one baby — and “yarn bombing”:

Yarn bombers or, if they can’t be caught, whoever sold them the yarn, which I assume can be easily traced through the yarn’s DNA. Yarn bombing, a high-end form of graffiti in which a knit covering is put on something like the “Charging Bull” statue near Wall Street, is another trend that doesn’t realize that trends have an expiration date. Time to move on to, say, doily bombing.

The New York Times: sworn enemy of yarn. We, on the other hand, support yarn, especially when it’s gifted to us as a present by crochet artist Olek (see above pic).