Paula Deen Responds to Anthony Bourdain; Chipotle Addresses Bacon in Beans


It would appear that dogs are the final frontier when it comes to gourmet food trucks. Bocce’s Bakery launched its Biscuit Bike this summer, offering organic dog treats, including cupcakes.
[NY Post]

Paula Deen shot back at Anthony Bourdain after he called her the “most dangerous person in America” by touting her own charity work.
[NY Post]

Burger King’s new ad campaign debuts this weekend, featuring beauty shots of fresh ingredients being prepped and not a King in sight.
[USA Today]

Chipotle warns vegetarians of the bacon content in its pinto beans on its website, but not on menus. After the CEO got a letter from a Maxim editor, the policy is changing.
[Huffington Post]

Ramadan will coincide with the 2012 Olympics, meaning certain athletes will be fasting, which could affect their performance.
[New Scientist]