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It is thankfully Friday afternoon. Which means it is time to look back at the four days preceding it.

Mark Simmons talked to us about hipping Americans to New Zealand cuisine at his new Park Slope restaurant, Kiwiana.

The Vanderbilt’s Brian Floyd explained his Barman’s Fund.

Our 10 best last (alcohol-free) sips of summer.

A bacon appetizer smackdown between St. Anselm and Fatty ‘Cue.

Sugar apples have hit Chinatown, and demand to be eaten.

NYC may get a vegan bodega.

A photo review of St. Anselm and its greasy goodness.

Why is Canada’s Food Network, like, way better than ours?

Design firm AvroKO is getting into the whiskey business with Parole.

The 10 tastiest things to eat at the New World Mall food court.