The Week in Food Blogs: Shitshows, Marshmallows and Dumb Restaurant Laws


This week in food blogs:

Eater celebrated its legendary Shitshow Week and even offered tips on how to start your own.

Grub Street unofficially investigated secret cameras inside Starbucks bathrooms.

Midtown Lunch penned an ode to Cer Té’s new Montauk Hangover sandwich, a surprise hit.

Serious Eats rounded up five tasty marshmallow sweets. Brooklyn Bootleg S’mores, anyone?

Food Republic offered five things you didn’t know about hydroponics.

Salon Food revealed what it’s really like when you marry a chef.

The Daily Meal introduced five rookie winemakers to watch.

Chowhound took a look at the “Most Unusual Restaurants in the World” Google Map.

Zagat listed the eight dumbest restaurant laws. No booze before noon? Pfff.