Tony Little’s “Miracle Babies”


You know Tony Little.

He’s the fitness expert who’s prone to shouts of “You can do it!” on his long-running infomercials.

Well, it turns out the little Littles were littler than expected.

He and his wife, Melissa, had twin sons who were born three and and half months premature — “at the very edge of what is considered survivable,” as a release tells me.

“After many touch-and-go moments in the hospital, the boys made it past the incubator stage, but continued to struggle even after finally being allowed to go home.

“There was a series of 911 calls and other agonizing moments in the months that followed, including having to deal with bleeding on Cody’s brain and an abnormality in Chase’s heart which required surgery.

“Chase also suffered from a paralyzed vocal cord and had to be fed via a feeding tube for over a year. Meanwhile, Cody had to deal with weakness on one side of his body, which delayed his ability to walk.

“Even now, going on two years after their birth, the twins still face numerous health challenges. Indeed, Tony and Melissa are aware that the extent of health issues for any preemie may not be fully revealed for many years — a fact not widely known by the general public.

“Tony calls Chase and Cody his ‘miracle babies,’ and wants parents and others who are facing similar challenges to know that they are not alone. Putting into practice his own philosophy for living, Tony understands that while nobody can predict tomorrow, he can encourage those dealing with adversity to hang in there, truly believing that brighter days are ahead.”

You got that? If you happen to have preemie twins, yell, “You can do it!” in their faces and have some faith.