Two Classic CNN Clips In One Week


There was Anderson Cooper‘s gigglefest as he reported on the sad story of Gerard Depardieu‘s public urination spectacle, which Cooper used to drum up puns like “Intercontinental Airlines” and “Edith Pee-off.”

As he recited a bunch of jokes that were all pissers, the anchor could barely contain himself! (But I don’t mean in that way, mercifully.)

But there was also Christine O’Donnell‘s clip from Piers Morgan‘s show, where she wasn’t all that giggly when Morgan asked her about gay marriage.

In fact, she stormed right off the show because it had nothing to do with the topics she wanted to promote regarding her book.

Christine, nothing of any importance has anything to do with your book, but you should address it anyway.

And you should have been honest about why you really stormed off:

You had to pee!