Does New York Have America’s Best Bathroom?


Every year, workplace supplies company Cintas holds a contest to find the best restroom in America. This is the competition’s tenth year and vying for the prize are two New York restaurant bathrooms: Fort Greene’s Habana Outpost and Ninja, a theme restaurant in TriBeCa. The other eight finalists include museums, hotel crappers and a mobile unit made for President Obama’s inauguration. Now that Mars Bar is closed, their restrooms are ineligible.

The two New York entrants are polar opposites: Ninja sports a high-tech commode “outfitted with a control pad that operates seat warmers, a water spray (that oscillates or pulsates), a built-in deodorizer and blow driers.” Habana Outpost, however, focuses on being eco-friendly; the toilets flush with rainwater. Both go above and beyond the call of duty in an attempt to dispose of your stool.

Habana Outpost’s bathrooms may be too eco-friendly: They’ve been called “freezing” in our pages.

You can vote online, which seems unfair, as you really need to fully experience a restroom to be able to judge it. Write-in candidates are not allowed, so your bathroom will not be voted America’s best — not even if you have a shower radio.

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