Everyone is Talking About Everyone Ignoring Ron Paul


Have you heard? Everyone is ignoring Ron Paul! Jon Stewart was one of the first to spot the media turning a blind eye to the Texas Congressman; even Paul himself commented on the Daily Show piece: “This guy on Comedy Central or something. His name is Jon Stewart,” he said. “He’s an honest person, he wants the truth and when we do agree, he lets people know.” We’re not ignoring you, Ron, and certainly not on your 76th birthday. Our present to you? We try to find out why everyone is ignoring you.

The Hill says that North Carolina Representative Walter Jones blames the “arrogance of certain people in the media who don’t think he can win.”

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune is a sweetheart; he thinks “Love may indeed be the reason the media ignores Ron Paul.

It’s not love, says Roger Simon of Politico, it’s poison! Paul is “media poison.

MSNBC says Ron is just different: “He is out of step with the party on foreign affairs (he’s to the left of President Obama on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran) and certain parts of his domestic policy go too far for mainstream Republicans.”

Even Ron Paul says Ron Paul is getting ignored. There’s a whole story about it linked on the front page of his campaign website. (You can let him know you aren’t ignoring him by giving him money. There’s a special birthday donation bonanza happening on his website today).

And of course, there’s the start of this all: The Pew research poll that tracked media mentions of Paul and found him lagging behind all the major candidates and even some gag nominees like Donald Trump. Did you see it? Almost every news outlet picked it up because everyone is ignoring Ron Paul.

Unfortunately, you probably aren’t reading this right now because it is about Ron Paul. Did you hear? Everyone is ignoring him.

Ron Paul ‘forgets’ Rick Perry’s name, praises Jon Stewart [LA Times]