Law & Order Box Set Will Consist of 104 DVDs


Ever get caught up in an engrossing episode of Law & Order and say to yourself, “Man, I could watch 456 of these things?” On November 8th, you will get the chance when the complete series of Law & Order is released on DVD. The set will consist of 104 discs and the list price is reported to be $700. Can you think of a better way to spend $700 than on a collection of television episodes that are regularly rerun and don’t need to be viewed in chronological order?

Watching all 456 episodes of Law & Order in a row will take you over 2 weeks, so set aside some vacation time and stock up on Hungry-Man microwavable dinners. Also, prepare to hear a lot of this:

‘Law & Order’: Get ready for the biggest ‘complete series’ DVD set ever [Zap2it]